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To apply for our coaching service please contact us via email, phone or social media.

Click the button below to access our contact details.



Our coaching service will provide a bespoke training plan designed around the needs and desires of each individual athlete and their lifestyle. We have designed a three-tier program to offer a range of support. 


All our coaching tiers offer a core coaching package which is essentially tier 1. Our 2nd and 3rd tiers only enhance this service and offer an even more detailed coaching experience.


TIER 1 - £199 Per month

Tier 1 will begin with an initial consultation with our coaches, discussing training aims and competition goals. We will then provide a monthly training plan delivered via a basic Training Peaks account with feedback at the end of each cycle. Additionally, when your racing season has ended we will offer a chance to debrief and reflect on the year’s success and the direction of future aims and endeavours.


TIER 2 - £249 Per month

Tier 2 will offer a more complete training plan with more frequent communication and feedback, as well as tactical competition planning.


TIER 3 - £299 Per month

Tier 3 is our highest level of coaching service. We will provide live training updates and feedback as well as nutritional and psychology strategies. Our service will include detailed racing strategies and debriefs. Tier 3 includes a premium Training Peaks account so we can provide our highest level of coaching to you.

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